Our History

Our whole life is a series of coincidences. However, as you know, nothing comes from nothing. The history of Mirital is a clear evidence to this fact.
Fyodor Somov and Aleksey Frolov, the Company’s founders, just like half Russia in the early 90s, traded in all sorts of things, including Swiss chocolates, Polish yogurts, Italian gelato, frozen HORTEX products, etc.
To store frozen foods, they bought a “dead” depot in Reutov and arranged a refrigerated warehouse there. They provided refrigerating cabinets and boxes to retail outlets for trade in frozen foods.
One day, Aleksey dropped in some Moscow store and saw something strange in his refrigerating box next to beautiful packages of frozen vegetables and ice cream. After expressing his indignation to the sales assistant, Aleksey heard in response: “Man, our refrigerator has conked out. And these are pelmeni, they can get unfrozen. Don’t worry! We’ll quickly sell them; they’re in demand.”
This can be considered the start of the Company’s production activity. They rented production areas at one of Moscow enterprises, purchased the necessary equipment, hired people, and started manufacturing their own products, to have our pelmeni in refrigerators.
The first manager of this production was Yury, Aleksey’s father. Thanks to the excellent quality of pelmeni, their sales steadily increased. But the core activity was the sale. But then came the crisis of 1998. Import lost its relevance, whereas Russian products became increasingly popular. At that time, construction of a modern production hall was underway in Reutov, Moscow Region; equipment by the best foreign and Russian vendors was purchased. The production reached an industrial scale. New varieties of pelmeni, vareniki, and minced meat were intorduced. At that time, a strong corporate style of packaging was developed to make us stand apart on the shelf, and our brand awareness is still working now. Suffice to say about the package with three horses, and it is clear what brand you’ve meant. To date, Mirital products are well represented in retail outlets from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.
The happiness of freedom: this is the message we send to its customers. After all, with Mirital products, you always have a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner without much effort!